5 signs that show that your Dog is not fond of you.

  • There are ways that can tell you that your dog dislikes you and dreads your company.
  • It doesn’t look good that your dog is avoiding you or don’t want to be in your company.
  • A dog is a man’s best friend and how you will feel when you friend is not your friend.

You may have this doubt that your dog is not comfortable around you or it just doesn’t want to be with you. If this is the case .Don‘t worry. You just have to find out the signs and try to overcome them.

  • If a dog doesn’t make an eye contact with you, you should understand that it doesn’t like you.

Sometimes you may see that a dog doesn’t want to be around you. It may back away from you when you try to touch it or pat it. Other times it will just ignore you. You should watch that it doesn’t make any eye contact with you or seems to avoid you. It means that your dog in not your biggest fan.

  • If your dog is afraid of you, it will hide or cower.

When a dog doesn’t like you, it means it is afraid of you. It may so happen that whenever you arrive the dog might try to hide itself under a table or anything that is available. Other ways by which that fear can be seen is that it will tuck its tail, pull back its ears or tremble.

  • If your dog leaves the room when you enter, it shows that it is trying to ignore you.

If the dog is not excited on seeing you, it would like to leave the place or room whenever it finds you near. It will try to maintain some distance from you. It happens that most of the times dogs try to disengage themselves from the situation than to involve in any destructive behavior.

  • If your dog doesn’t accept food from you, it shows that he does not like you.

If the dog does not eat its favourite food because you are giving it to them, it’s not a good sign. As we know dogs appreciate good treat. So, if a dog is avoiding its snack because of you, shows that he may not be comfortable with you.

  • If the dog’s fur is erected, it shows that it is frightened or afraid of something, maybe you.

If the hair of the dog is standing up along the shoulders and spine, it shows that the dog is scared or afraid. If you find this, it signifies that the dog may pounce; at this point it is better to back away.

Just look for these signs and you will be able to know about your dog. But don’t try too hard to make the dog like you. The best way is that give your dog some time and space and ultimately your dog will start liking you.

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